Blythe Mill Naturalised Fish Pass and Wetland Creation

Blythe mill pic and key

AquaUoS staff assisted Warwickshire Wildlife Trust to undertake a feasibility study and detailed design for a fish bypass channel and wetland habitat scheme at Blyth Mill, North Warwickshire.  This was to provide fish passage around an old weir structure at Blyth Mill on the River Blythe and a wetland scheme that fits with Natural England’s Countryside Stewardship Scheme prescriptions. 

To achieve this, the following tasks were completed: 

  • Hydromorphological (Fluvial) Audit of the study watercourses and floodplain to determine current forms and processes and to determine potential response of proposed options; 
  • Ecology surveys; 
  • ADCP survey and use of Environment Agency LIDAR to provide digital elevation models (DEMs) for assessment of options using a 2D hydraulic model;  
  • Development of detailed designs. 

The preferred option was utilisation of a relict channel around the weir to provide appropriate fish passage and excavation of topographic lows in the floodplain to provide suitable habitat for CS10 creation.