Cairn Beck Realignment

Cairn Beck pic and key

As part of an Environment Agency (EA) funded Natural Flood Management (NFM) project, Eden Rivers commissioned AquaUoS to undertake a feasibility study to identify river and floodplain restoration options for a ~200 meter straightened section of the Cairn Beck incorporating an extant pond and integrating current land drainage into the design. A detailed design was then produced for the agreed realignment option.  

Cairn Beck is a heavily modified, rural, single-thread, gravel-bed river draining the predominantly rural elevated land to the East of the River Eden floodplain. It eventually discharges into Trout Beck and the Eden at Warwick Bridge. Historic Ordnance Survey mapping suggests that the watercourse has been extensively straightened over the course of the last 150 years having previously displayed a high degree of local sinuosity. The 200 m of watercourse to be restored (alongside rejuvenating the floodplain) was straightened prior to the first detailed mapping in 1860 and no parish boundary runs along the watercourse to demarcate the former course of the river making it difficult to reconstruct the former course of the river. 2D modelling was undertaken alongside the fluvial audit to confirm the preferred alignment of the restored section. 

Cairn Beck by Drone