Coniston Fluvial Audit

coniston pic and key

The recent sequence of extreme flood events in Cumbria have caused significant geomorphological change across many river catchments (including those above Coniston Village), reactivating previously low activity sediment sources, including river banks, valley side bluffs and upland land slips. Some of this sediment has been transferred downstream whilst more remains to be transported in the future. In many Cumbrian watercourses, this sediment is preferentially accumulating along modified channel reaches including around Coniston where its accumulation is thought to reduce flood channel capacity and some removal has occurred downstream of the village.  

To better understand the geomorphological and flood risk consequences of the 2015 floods, a detailed geomorphological fluvial audit of Church Beck and Yewdale Beck catchments upstream of the village of Coniston was undertaken by AquaUoS staff to inform measures to reduce the risk of future flooding to the communities in this catchment.