Croal Weirs Optioneering

Croal weirs pic and key

AquaUoS staff assisted the Environment Agency win exploring options for weir removal and modification options for three weirs within the River Croal catchment; 1) Hall l’th Wood Weir on Eagley Brook, 2) Longsight Park Lower Weir on Bradshaw Brook and 3) Meeting of the Waters Weir on the River Croal.   

It was recognised by the Environment Agency that these structures inhibit the creation and maintenance of natural riverine habitats and block the free movement of fish and that removal of the weirs is a suitable way to improve the ecological quality of these heavily modified rivers through supporting sustainable fisheries, natural hydromorphological processes and delivery of Water Framework Directive (WFD) objectives.  

AquaUoS staff undertook a detailed hydromorphological assessment, including mapping all forms and processes and constraints for each site, that helped to appraise sustainable management options for each of the weirs and to identify a desired overall state in terms of channel form and variability that will allow fish passage across the former weir locations and promote the recovery of natural processes.