Fish Passage Improvement: River Beane through Woodhall Estate

river beane pic and key

The River Beane is a tributary of the River Lea which drains a lowland catchment in Hertfordshire. The low activity sinuous single thread channel has been subject to extensive and prolonged historic modification. AquaUoS staff were commissioned by Affinity Water to undertake optioneering and provide a concept design for the bypassing of the two weirs at the site to enable fish passage along the River Beane through Woodhall Estate and to assess the potential flood risk impacts of the scheme. 

An approach has been agreed with Affinity Water, Woodhall Estate, Historic England and the Environment Agency which will see the historic flow route of the River Beane skirting The Broadwater to enable fish passage past the sluice. A new channel will be created downstream of the Estate buildings to bypass the Horseshoe Weir and create a natural chalk stream. Detailed designs have been prepared for the works and the works will be carried out by a sub-contractor under AquaUoS staff supervision.