River Caldew and Eden Making Space for Water

River Caldew pic and key

Two locations on the River Caldew and River Eden were identified by Natural England and their respective landowners as potential sites for Making Space for Water.

Key to these studies was the establishment of a robust protocol to establish the rate and extent of channel movement into the future. Traditional mapping approaches are often used, however, this technique is often limited as the majority of reliable mapping only extends back around 150 years (first epoch OS maps) and many watercourses had already been severely constrained by that time resulting in a false estimate of rates of change.

AquaUoS staff used novel interpretation of aerial imagery and aerial LiDAR which detected longer term rates of change from palaeo-features presently redundant across the valley bottom. Such data allowed better prediction of primary floodplain units for rehabilitation and identified optimal wetland sites displaying high hydrological connectivity once the study reach is naturalised. 

River Caldew by Drone