River Keekle Restoration and Naturalisation

River keekle pic and key

West Cumbria Rivers Trust required a detailed design for the restoration of the River Keekle and Priest Gill, West Cumbria and this was completed by AquaUoS staff in 2017-18. This involved removal of the degrading rubber lining on the river bed and banks of this higher energy system and reinstatement of an appropriate morphology that will allow natural processes to occur whilst ensuring uncontrollable erosion would not occur.  To achieve this, the following tasks were completed: 

  • Geomorphological (Fluvial) Audit of the study watercourses including sediment transport appraisal, including measurement of residual bank strength; 
  • Drone survey and use of EA LIDAR to provide digital elevation models (DEMs) for assessment of current erosion and deposition and development of 2D hydraulic models; 
  • 2D hydraulic modelling of baseline and preferred options for the restoration of the Keekle and Priest Gill reaches; 
  • Production of design drawings, risk register, assumptions register and Bill of Quantities (BoQ).