Scotch Brook Natural Flood Management

Scotch brook pic and key

Staffordshire Wildlife Trust required an investigation, undertaken by AquaUoS staff, into the flow and sediment regime impacts of recently completed river restoration measures in the Scotch Brook catchment to determine the degree of Natural Flood Management (NFM) benefit provided and the potential positive impacts downstream in terms of sediment transport management. This is in recognition of issues of fine and coarse gravel accumulation within and upstream of the culvert at Stone that is believed to have subsequent flood risk impacts locally to the town. To achieve this, the following tasks were completed: 

  • Geomorphological Audit of the study watercourses including sediment transport appraisal; 
  • Drone and dGPS survey to provide digital elevation models (DEMs) for assessment of current erosion and deposition and development of 2D hydraulic models; 
  • 2D hydraulic modelling of baseline, recently constructed schemes and potential future schemes and installation of flow gauge loggers.