The understanding of rivers and their associated landscapes (fluvial geomorphology) are centrally involved in practical applications to support the agenda of sustainable river basin management, flood risk mitigation and river restoration. Within the umbrella of fluvial geomorphology, AquaUoS staff are world leaders in applying hydromorphology/geomorphology related services using the latest technology to provide an unrivalled service to the industry.

The aim is for AquaUoS to offer a process based hydromorphology, hydraulic modelling and survey service, improving environmental project delivery, sustainability and reducing project risks across the range of external business areas through early involvement, our services include:

Key Services

  • Fluvial and estuarine hydromorphology / fluvial geomorphology
  • Unrivalled field based audit experience across all river types across the UK and internationally.

River restoration design

  • Specialising in working with natural processes, natural flood management and sustainable river restoration design.

Scheme delivery and supervision

  • Unique specialisms in supervision of contractors to deliver complex river restoration schemes and associated morphology.

Hydromorphological and river restoration modelling (hydraulic and sediment)

  • Use of a variety of hydraulic modelling techniques and software that are always appropriate to the scheme and river type.

WFD compliance assessment

  • Survey
  • Drones (small Unmanned aerial vehicle – UAV)
  • Training
  • CPD days, bespoke field training, training integrated into project delivery


  • Work with research councils, regulators and on projects to advance river knowledge