Staff Profiles

Staff at AquaUoS are recognised for their applied geomorphological expertise, river restoration design, survey experience and innovation. They operate an ethos of research driven applied science to deliver sustainable, environmentally sensitive solutions to river and floodplain issues around the world. The ethos of AquaUoS is to promote sustainability and social responsibility.

Dr Neil Entwistle

Dr Neil Entwistle FRGS FHEA PgCHE CGeog (Geomorph)

Neil has worked within academia for 10 years since completing his PhD open channel hydraulics and remote sensing. He is a remote sensing specialist, and is a CAA approved drone operator. Neil has worked extensively on temperate, alpine, semi-arid and arid river systems in the UK, European Alps, Africa, Iceland and South America.

Dr George Heritage

Dr George Heritage FRGS

George is one of the UK’s most senior hydromorphologists with a wealth of experience including Natural Flood Management, river restoration, weir removal, culvert assessment and rehabilitation and sediment modelling. He has worked with water for over 25 years since completing his PhD and has extensive experience linked to geomorphic and hydromorphic assessment, process based natural channel design.

Seb Bentley

Seb Bentley BSc MCIWEM C.WEM

Sebastian’s specialist subjects are geomorphology / hydromorphology, ecohydraulics and river restoration with particular focus on working with natural processes to develop sustainable solutions in both rural and urban settings. He is an expert in sediment transport dynamics, hydraulic modelling and natural flood management.

Rob Williamson

Dr Rob Williamson

Rob is a dedicated GIS analyst, technician and modeller with 9 years’ experience working with a range of GIS software including: ArcGIS, SAGA, QGIS, GrassGIS as well as spatial packages in the R programming language. Highly skilled in creating graphics, maps, tables and plots for reports and presentations. Most recently he has worked on a large €7 Million Horizon2020 climate change project involving over 20 partners from across the EU and Turkey.

Rory Scott

Rory Scott BSc

Rory’s experience with fluvial systems and modelling stems from an undergraduate at the University of Hull, where he acquired a foundation of physical modelling in flumes and environment simulators with in-house numerical models (for example, CAESARlisflood). In addition, he received in-depth training on Natural Flood Management utilising case studies such Pickering Beck and Carlisle among others, providing hands on field experience in variable river catchment types and scales.

Simon Hutchinson

Dr Simon Hutchinson

Graduating from the University of Liverpool with a First-Class Honours degree, Simon’s research  career has focused on the exploitation of the environmental archives held in sedimentary deposits from lake sediments, peat bogs and floodplains to salt marshes and the intertidal zone. Simon has active international research portfolio, where he conducts fieldwork in high mountain lakes and those created by landsliding in the Carpathian Mountains and also in the coastal zone of the Yangtze Estuary near Shanghai, China.

Chiara Benvenuto

Chiara Benvenuto

Behavioural aquatic ecologist (MSc in Biological Sciences and PhD in Aquatic Ecology), working mainly with fish and crustaceans (marine and freshwater, in temperate and tropical areas). Interest in conservation and management of aquatic biodiversity, including biomonitoring and sustainable fisheries and aquaculture. Interdisciplinary approach, combining behavioural observations/experiments in lab and field, use of behavioural eco-toxicology tools, molecular techniques, monitoring (including RAPELD, biodiversity survey method in LTER) and theoretical modelling.

Ilaria Coscia

Ilaria Coscia

Ilaria is a fish molecular ecologist, working with fish species that are exploited both commercially and recreationally in the North-East Atlantic area. Her research is in the sustainable management of fisheries resources, sustainable fish farming, hybridization and in general, conservation of the northern European fish fauna.

Mike Nevell

Mike Nevell

Mike is a landscape archaeologist with more than 29 years’ experience in archaeology, as a consultant, lecturer, and researcher. His research interests include the archaeology of industrialization, community archaeology and historic buildings. He has wrote extensively on industrial and landscape topics and several of his books have won awards from the Libraries Association and the Association for Industrial Archaeology. 

Prasad Tumula

Prasad Tumula PhD CEng

Prasad is a Civil Engineer with specialisation in Water Resources Engineering. He has 15 years’ experience at various levels in industry, academia and research. Prasad has conducted research in the fields of planning and design of water distribution systems, steady state and transient analysis of pipe networks, calibration and leak detection in water supply networks, analysis of water quality in water supply systems, rainfall-runoff modelling, and design of stable canals using sediment transport concepts. 

Amy Evans

Amy Evans BSc PgC

Amy has a wealth of technical experience in environmental analysis and field sampling. She runs and maintains the David Collins environmental suite of labs, processing samples with our analytical instruments for research, teaching and commercial activities. Like most environmental scientists Amy is not content on being stuck indoors and is often out in the field both locally and internationally assisting with sample and data collection.

Simon Campion

Simon Campion PdD

Simon specialises in creating virtual environments and interactive visualisations for varied clientss.  Over the last 15 years he has worked on industry projects that involve BIM based architectural visualisation, product visualisation and urban regeneration.  He was one of the key researchers who worked on the Network Rail project which won the “Best BIM Project of the Year” award from both the North West Regional and National Construction Awards 2016. 

Michal Cieciura

Michal Cieciura

Michal is a passionate programmer and problem solving he has delivered projects ranging from simple visualizations to very complex, real-time simulations. He has a strong experience with VR, real-time game engines, UX and UI design, as well as, 2D and 3D content creation.